How to revive your metal pet tags

Our ID tags are made of high quality metal. For your pets safety they are not coated with any protective finish. The tags may develop natural patina (discolouration or dark spots) and surface scratches over time, with wear. This does not mean that your tag is defective.


How to revive your tag;

Step 1:

Remove all hardware including the split ring. Replace split ring after cleaning if it is no longer holding it's original shape. 

Step 2:

Wash your tag with mild soap and warm water, to remove any dirt and debris,  a small soft bristled brush may be used. Dry with a paper or cloth towel.

Step 3:  

Gently rub your tag with fine steel wool to remove the patina, oxidation and surface scratches.


Step 4:

Finish by rubbing the tag with a polishing pad.


How to darken the impression;

If you notice any fading of the design or text, you can re-darken the impressions using a black industrial Sharpie by going over the design. Leave the marker on for a few seconds, then wipe away the excess marker with Kleenex. If there is still excess marker on left the tag, use the fine steel wool and the polishing to remove it.


Your tags can be refreshed as often as needed.