A Little About Me

Hi! I'm Ashley.  

Welcome to my store!  I am a lover of all animals, the outdoors, adventure and all things creative. I currently work as a Veterinary Technologist, at a local Animal Shelter. Through the years, I have enjoyed helping many wild and domestic animals. 

I first began creating custom identification tags for my own pets, and this quickly grew to include jewellery and many other unique items! We ship these items right from my home to yours, no matter the distance or where you live in this incredible world.

Why the name SMASHPaw? Well, to be honest it was quite difficult coming up with a name for this shop! Growing up my family and friends called me Smash... and it has stuck with me ever since. And since each piece is hand made by me, you each get your little piece of "Smash"

I hope that my shop will inspire you, and help make our world a more beautiful place.