Why are pet ID tags so important?

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Why are pet ID tags so important?
If your pet escapes or goes missing, the person who finds them is likely not going to have microchip scanner. But they WILL be able to read an ID tag.
That ID tag helps your pet say two important things:                                   
1. I'm not a stray                                                                                          
2. Here's how to contact my owner
What information should I put on my pets ID tag?
1. Your phone number                                                                                  
This will allow the finder to contact you quickly and easily if they find your pet.
2. Your address                                                                                            
If your pet escapes or gets lost it will likely stay in the local area. An address will help the finder bring your pet straight home. 
3. Your pets name                                                                                     
This is it a nice personal touch, and it can help the finder identify your pet.
Other information you may want to include
Do not feed                                                                                 
Especially useful for pets with food allergies and intolerances.
If the finder isn't able to reach you by phone, they can take your pet to a vet or animal shelter to get their microchip scanned. A microchip will only work if your contact information attached to the microchip is up to date and accurate. 
Spayed or neutered
Medical issues                                                                                              
If your pet has any medical issues that the finder or a vet should be aware of (e.g. allergies, epilepsy).
Additional phone numbers                                                                            
If you still have room to add more information, we would recommend adding additional phone numbers - either for your vet, a friend or a family member.

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